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New Business Partnerships for App Marketplace(s)

The Norton browser plug-in has the ability to tag links that are deemed safe. The logo appears right next to the link. I am experimenting with Android and am looking at 3rd party markets. Android made me check this setting, Unknown Sources to allow me to run Amazon’s Application market place, a bit uneasy. A potential business model, Application Markets partner with security and optionally testing firms provide Apple’s ‘App approval, & rating’ system as a way consumers may trust applications. The people who want to sell (and free apps) their app will work with one of several 3rd party companies to acquire: A. Verification the application is not malware. B. Verify, optionally, the app functions to the specifications provided by app maker C. Provide insurance similar to https certificates, optionally, especially if the system performs financial transactions D. Provides an independent maturity rating for the application, e.g. game

A link to simple color coded informational icons can be added to App page description. Optionally, clicking the icon link will drill down to the info.

These 3rd party validation companies would charge fees for paid apps on a model that makes sense for them. For the Free applications, the agreement with the app developers may be some monthly control of the advertisements pushed to the application.

Some of these 3rd parties may offer some or all of these services: - testing, security, and insurance

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